Sales Philosophy
So, you want to buy a horse!

What do you look for?

Something you can enjoy, love and be loved in return, trust and be safe with, all in your price

It’s my opinion that there should be some set priorities in making your decision as well as
some self-discipline when it comes to the excitement of buying something new.  Buying a
horse is not like buying a shiny, new red bicycle.  A horse is a living creature with many of the
same abilities and characteristics of the human being, and frankly, there are some human
beings you don’t want to be around, especially when it comes to you or your child’s safety.  In
a horse, “what you see is not always what you get.”

Priorities in correct order should be:

1.  Disposition: should be gentle, loving, soft, friendly and have a feeling of safety.

2.  Performance: the ride or way of going that you’re looking for.

3.  Appearance: color, conformation, healthy.

4.  Price: what you pay for is what you get.

Unfortunately, we so often get these priorities out of order.
For instance, price comes first.
It’s my opinion that not everyone who wants a horse can afford the horse they need.  When
price becomes the dominating factor, we need to remember the old adage, “you get what
you pay for”, or “you can pay me now or pay me later.”  There are different ways to pay for
a horse.  After careful selection you can pay for the horse up front and have what you want.  
You can change the priorities and pay less up front and pay the rest later because you can’t
use the horse, have to give it away and buy another, or pay the rest in pain, suffering or
medical bills, or if you’re lucky, pay a trainer to turn the horse into what you needed to begin

To make an intelligent decision, you need to do the same as you would in buying a car.
Carefully look it over, test drive it, check the ride, reach for that “glowing feeling” this car’s
for me.

Choosing a horse has some of the same characteristics of a marriage.  The same priorities
apply. It’s like selecting a mate, however checking the teeth may be advisable.  
Unfortunately some of the same mistakes are made.  Parents, remember you are making a
decision for your child.
Familiarity with the horse and the seller is very important.

At the Bar Fifty Ranch we breed horses with disposition as first priority, with emphasis on
the stallions in our barn.  We have professional trainers on site getting the very best way of
going from our horses.  Remember, not all horses are champions.  We have horses of most
any color or color combinations in several gaited breeds.

We have our own breeding stock in registered Peruvian Pasos, Tennessee Walkers, Rocky
and Kentucky Mountain Horses and Tennuvians.

You may think of our horses as being pricey, but think of the cost of doing it right.
The cost and care of the stallions and mares that give you the right combination for quality
The cost of maintenance of the horse until it matures.
Years of feed, health needs, training, etc., and  the cost of a reputable facility for raising I’
m sorry I cannot produce a $1,500 ‘riding’ horse.
You find these horses under more unfortunate circumstances such as ‘culling’,’ sale barns’,
‘horse traders’ or green broke rough stock with quick sale and no recourse.

At the very best, mistakes can be made in buying a horse.  That’s why the Bar Fifty Ranch
offers a 30 day guarantee with the horses bought here.  An opportunity to be sure that the
horse fits with you.  This is a money back guarantee based on the horse being in the same
condition upon return that it was in leaving.

You might hear some wonderful stories about the $500 horse bought at the sale barn.  The
stories that I hear aren't so wonderful.  They are from people trying to correct the mistake
they made the first time.

At the Bar Fifty Ranch we do not sell horses, however we have lots of wonderful horses for

When you purchase the horse of your dreams, ask about a 30-day, money back guarantee.

Don’t let your ‘dream horse’ become a ‘night mare’.